Entry 2: Start Reading

The CashFlow Diary - Start Reading Header

I believe that the first step in doing anything is to read about it. It seems like the world is overwhelmed in media content. This leaves open a lot of room for deception and incorrect information. The one steady knowledge platform has always seemed to be book reading. So thats what im going to do to start out my journey to become a CashFlow pro and be financially independent.

I bet everyone’s first question when reading this diary entry is “But Taylor, what book do I start with?”. That is definitely a great question. In my experience the best thing to do is to research what book is best for start your journey to financial freedom. As that is one way, the other to by hearing from word of mouth. I have a new collegue that recommended “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki. After looking up the reviews and researching the book I decided to buy the book myself. I am haven’t read the book yet but I would HIGHLY recommend buying this so that you can follow my diary entries in more detail.

I will be reading chapter one starting tomorrow. Please come back for my next entry tomorrow where I will discuss what I have learned.

As always, subscribe and share to everyone you know. Have a wonderful day!

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